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Regasification services


Regasification services are provided by GAZ-SYSTEM (formerly Polskie LNG S.A.) as:

  • long-term services for LNG Terminal users who provide a sufficient volume LNG cargos in a given gas year to ensure the average regasification capacity of min. 150 thousand m3/hour of natural gas throughout the entire gas year. Under a long-term regasification agreement, the Operator shall ensure continuous provision of regasification service throughout the regasification year except the period of scheduled maintenance works at the LNG Terminal and other limitations introduced in accordance with the provisions of Terminal Code;
  • short-time services lasting at least one gas day to a number of successive gas days in a regasification year.

Under the regasification service, the Operator shall provide the LNG Terminal user with the following services: unloading LNG from the carrier, process storage, LNG regasification, and supplying the gaseous fuel to the exit point from the LNG Terminal.

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