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LNG Terminal in Świnoujście


President Lech Kaczyński's LNG Terminal in Świnoujście  has been in operation since 2016.

Polskie LNG (currently GAZ-SYSTEM) launched the construction of the plant in 2010, and The LNG Terminal in Świnoujście has contributed to the energy security in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, as well as it enables the import of liquefied gas to Poland from any direction in the world.

The technological processes and services currently provided by the LNG Terminal include unloading LNG from a LNG carriers at the unloading jetty, LNG process storage in cryogenic tanks, LNG regasification and send-out of natural gas to the National Transmission System, LNG transhipment onto tanker trucks and ISO containers.

The LNG Terminal's annual regasification capacity amounts to 5 billion Nm³. The plant also includes two cryogenic tanks for LNG process storage with a capacity of 160,000 m³ each.

The company is currently executing the LNG Terminal Expansion Program, which consists of four elements:

  • Additional regasification installation – increasing the nominal regasification capacity of the terminal to 7.5 billion Nm3/year.
  • Third LNG process storage tank – increasing the operational flexibility of the LNG terminal installation and ensuring the optimum natural gas process storage capacity.
  • LNG-to-Rail transhipment installation – extending the range of services provided with the possibility of natural gas transhipment onto ISO containers and rail tankers and thus reaching new prospective customers.
  • The second jetty - for loading and unloading of LNG carriers, LNG transhipment and handling LNG bunker vessels and providing bunkering services.




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