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The terminal and the environment


Protection of the natural environment is of great importance for Świnoujście as a city that provides health resort and tourist facilities. For this reason, the investor is set on selecting the most advantageous option for the natural environment and the functioning of the LNG terminal shall not have any negative impact on the health resort qualities and features.

The terminal will be situated approx. 1 km away from the border of the health resort, zone termed "C". This location is advantageous because of the “wind rose” and, due to the calculations performed regarding the dissemination of the pollutants in the atmosphere; all air quality standards required by the provisions of the law will be met. 

The entire investment will be completed with respect and due care of the natural environment. In order to preserve the historic forts and bunkers, and grey sand dunes, the LNG terminal shall be constructed approx. 750 metres away from the coastline and within the Wolin part of Świnoujście, in the industrial area on-site the Szczecin-Świnoujście Port Complex – which for a long time has been designated for the further development.

The investment will not limit access to the tourist attractions and facilities and shall not in any way reduce the tourism qualities of the city. As any typical and correctly planned industrial investment, it will blend into the coastal scenery and the gas transporter ships that will sail into the port may become an additional tourist attraction.

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