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LNG terminal already commissioned from the Contractor

Representatives of Polish LNG S.A. and General Investment Contractor signed a Protocol on Commissioning for Use of LNG Terminal. The hand-over for exploitation was preceded by the conduct of numerous trials and tests. All ended with positive results, confirming the achievement of the required technical parameters.

The commissioning of the investment took part in two stages. First a three-lateral commission performed its work– it consisted of representatives of the General Investment Contractor, investor’s supervision and Polish LNG. The commission ended its work with recommendation for the Management Board of Polish LNG to sign the commissioning protocol, which entails the takeover of the Terminal by the exploitation services of Polish LNG.
The consortium of the Contractor obtained all the administrative decisions which are required to operate the terminal in a safe and legal manner. Training of employees in exploitation standards was conducted by GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. Under the agreement, the General Investment Contractor also trained the employees thanks to which they have competence to operate the set of equipment and the complicated technological process.

“Commercial deliveries of liquefied gas to Poland are already planned. That is why the final commissioning of the LNG Terminal from the Contractor is of key importance for the completion of this investment which is of strategic importance for the Polish economy, and which will facilitate real diversification of gas supply sources, and therefore significantly increase the power security of the state”, said Artur Zawartko, Vice President of the Management Board of GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.

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