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Polskie LNG cleaned the beach up

It was already for the third time in the history of Polskie LNG company that the employees organized a beach cleaning campaign in Warszów. Almost a hundred persons participated in the undertaking in which approximately 300 kg of waste was collected from the stretch of beach between the breakwaters and the surrounding dunes.

The event was organized on the occasion of "Clean Up the World" - an international campaign aimed at increasing public environmental awareness.
Although the beach in the vicinity of the LNG Terminal is not yet very popular among holidaymakers, every year PLNG employees remove a lot of waste left by people enjoying the charms of this place.

- The action is not easy; it is very challenging but also very useful, say the company employees participating in the campaign. As usual, most litter comprised bottles and ubiquitous plastic. There were also wellies, pieces of furniture and household appliances, and we even found a large box from a fishing boat.

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